buffer system for loose product

Application area: space saving

ICS provides the link between the production line and the packaging plant.

The products of a production line will be lined up in rows and will then be stored in a gondola-buffer system at a high infeed capacity.

Independet loading of the gondolas is guaranteed.

The Gondolas vary depending on perfomance, products parameter, buffer capacity requirements in length, width and quantity of shelves.

They are conveyed on two chains from the infeed to the discharge side of the buffer system. It applies the First In / First out principle.

The loading and unloading of the gondolas can be controlled totally independent. The unloading can be synchronised with the packaging machines. The intelligent mechanical set up in the buffer system guarantees uninterrupted supply from the production process to the packaging. A buffer can also be installed for product over flow i.e. end of the line buffer.

From the production line right through to packaging, ICS is able to customise your requirements.

It starts with conveying - and feeding systems in front of the buffer and distrbution systems to the packaging lines.

The overal handling of product carriers with its conveying technolgy together with the buffer system will be developed by ICS. The buffers are finally part of an entire system, which will be controlled by ICS.



no production and product losses due to production - and plant stops caused by distubances of the production / packaging line.

high plant availability and reliability

function as buffer system or conveying system to overcome height differences.

space saving system, optimal utilisation of space in the building.

fully automated plant

realisation of technological processes i.e product cooling can be applied

Economic efficiency:

increased efficiency in the production

return of investment within a short period of time

reliable system with low maintenance

no additional staff required

one system for a variety of products

continous feed to the packaging lines


user friendly interfache to product line and packaging machines

easy access for cleaning of gondolas

fully automated industrial plant

low on maintenance


no product loss or influence on quality

optimal production conditions

considering the sanitation hygienic requirements

product and process safety through reliable automation

First in - First out principle